Spanish Springs Youth Soccer

Players North Soccer Club, with practice locations at both Lazy 5 and Golden Eagle Regional Parks is the best option for parents looking for structured youth soccer program in their community. 

Players has a long history of supporting youth soccer in Sparks, Nevada and providing players, parents and coaches teams that practice in their local community.  In 2019, Players merged with Spanish Springs Soccer Club of Sparks and incorporated all SSSC team’s and coaches into the Players North club system.

For the 2020/21 soccer year we have teams based in Sparks and Spanish Springs that play at a variety of levels and compete in various tournaments and leagues.

For those players that are not looking to join a club team, we offer the Academy Training Program.  This program is player-focused and does not require joining a team.  The Academy program is open to players of all ages provided they are not registered to another club affiliated with US Club.

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Would you like to attend one of our Academy Training sessions at no cost and no obligation?  This is a great opportunity to see what Players North Soccer Club offers and give us a try before making any commitments.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the difference between AYSO and Players North Soccer Club?

AYSO is a recreational program designed to provide entry-level instruction and an introduction to the game of soccer.  Teams are set-up to be balanced throughout the league.  Well meaning volunteer coaches generally have limited experience with the game or guidance on coaching.  The focus is purely on the fun of playing soccer.

At Players, we also believe joy of the game and having fun is extremely important.  However, we also know that young players need to develop good technique and soccer skills in order to play the game well and continue enjoying the game as they get older.  We take having fun seriously!   Our coaching staff is a mix of high level professional coaching directors, very experienced paid trainers, and a dedicated group of volunteers.  Our volunteer coaches have a wealth of coach education, training sessions and resources available to them so they can provide the best environment for the kids to learn the game.

Our Club’s teams are tiered.  We group players together that are developing at a similar pace.  A tiered team structure provides our players challenges and goals, while also fostering self-confidence and a good atmosphere for development.

What is the difference between GBYSL and Players North Soccer Club?

Great Basin Youth Soccer League (GBYSL) is a recreational soccer league for teams and players in Reno and Sparks, Nevada.  Our Club supports all GBYSL activities and many of our members serve on the GBYSL Board.

The younger Players North Soccer Club teams compete in GBYSL and enjoy all the benefits of a well run recreational league that serves the local community and supports player and coach development at all levels from the youngest recreational players to elite regional level and college-bound soccer players.

Can High School soccer players also play Club soccer?

Yes.  We have lots of players in Players North Soccer Club that participate in both club and high school programs however, there are some individual high school programs and school athletic directors that have put rules in place that may restrict club involvement during the high school season.

At Players North SC, we understand that a college bound player’s pathway to playing soccer at the next level is to compete at the highest level possible including “showcase” tournaments and elite league competition.  Generally speaking, college coaches will not recruit from high school soccer.  Some of our high school aged teams choose to take a break during the high school season and resume training and competition in November.  However, our highest level teams (Premier teams) will continue to compete and train during this period as they can not afford to take three months away from top level competiting during the recruitable years.