Register for the Spring Season

Are you interested in joining one of our teams for the Spring 2020 season?

We are accepting Spring registrations for our competitive and recreational teams,  provided the player is not registered with another club for the 2019-2020 soccer year.  If your son or daughter played GBYSL recreational league or did not play soccer in the Fall, we invite you to register them to join our soccer club!

Players North Soccer Club will provide your player with an environment where they can learn the game; develop soccer skills; be challenged to focus and work hard; but also have fun and enjoy playing the game.  Our club has teams at a variety of skill levels in every age group.  Whether your player is just learning to love the game, or lives and breathes soccer, we will have an appropriate team for them.  We offer the most experienced coaching staff in Northern Nevada; free Academy skills training sessions; free Goalkeeper training; and have teams based in Reno and Spanish Springs for your convenience.

Join Our Club Now!

We have teams for every age and ability.  Boys and girls.  Reno or Spanish Springs.  Recreational or Competitive.  We have the most qualified coaching staff in Northern Nevada and the only club to offer an Academy skills training program uniquely developed by an A licensed coach at no additional cost to our players.


My son/daughter played GBYSL recreational soccer in the Fall, but we would like them to play in the competitive league in the Spring.  Can they tryout for a Players North team?  Yes. We will provide players that register with us over the winter the opportunity to attend indoor practice sessions with our competitive teams for evaluation.  Based on those practices our coaching staff will place them on the appropriate team withn our club.  As we are a tiered club with multiple teams in most age groups, we can almost always place a player with players of a similar level of play within our club.

We just moved or are planning to move to Northern Nevada and have played club soccer elsewhere.  Can we join one of your teams? Yes, provided you obtain a release with US Club from your prior club.  Our highest level teams (identiied as Black teams) will require attendance at a training session as a tryout prior to registration but we always are open to welcoming families new to Northern Nevada into Players North Soccer Club.

I played High School soccer in the Fall and now would like to play with Players North Soccer Club in the Spring.  Can I join a team? Yes, provided you are not currently registered with another club.  We have teams for High School age players that only play Spring and Summer club soccer and take a break for the Fall season so their players can play High School.

I’m a coach of a GBYSL recreational team.  Can I bring my team over to Players North Soccer Club?  Yes.  We provide the best coach education and support in Northern Nevada and welcome GBYSL recereational teams into our club every season.  Whether you are a reluctant volunteer coach or interested in coaching long term, we can provide you and your team with an environment that fosters growth and development.

I’m a coach of a competitive team with another club in Reno.  Can I bring my team over to Players North Soccer Club for the Spring?  No.  We can not accept full teams interested in moving over to our club in between Fall and Spring.  This would be in violation of league and US Club rules.   Instead, players on that team should attend our tryouts during the Open Tryout Window scheduled after the Spring season has finished.