Reno APEX Parent Code Of Conduct

The following code of conduct is being implemented so that you, as parents of Reno APEX Soccer Club players, will know what is expected of you. As a club, we expect our parents to act like reasonable and prudent individuals, who represent the club positively on and off the field. The club holds its coaches and players to a code of conduct and feels it is equally important that parents know their responsibilities/expectations both on and off the field.

Who We Are and What We Value

Reno APEX SC values hard work, commitment, and excellence both on and off of the field. Reno APEX SC believes that its parents can play a vital role in impacting and positively representing the APEX community through the examples we set to our players/children.

To ensure the best possible experience for our players and in the spirit of good sportsmanship, we expect our parents (and any family/friends who come with them to games as spectators) to be positive and supportive to all players. Parents/Spectators participate in a match by watching, cheering and supporting the efforts of all participants of the match. Soccer should be fun. The game is for the players; their participation and enjoyment of the game is the most important element.

Still, parents have responsibilities to the coach, to the team, and to the entire Reno APEX SC.


A parent should feel it is acceptable to bring questions or issues to the coach, team manager or a board member’s attention and that the person contacted will respond in an appropriate and timely manner.  Communications will be acknowledged in a timely manner (typically no more than 2-3 days) with appropriate follow up as needed.  Communications that are not responded to or handled satisfactorily may be escalated following club processes. It is the parent’s role to escalate items either not personally resolved or those for which his or her player has been unable to get addressed.  Click HERE for Escalation Form.

Availability Changes

If a player cannot attend practice due to unforeseen circumstances, then that player is required to notify their coach as soon as it is possible to do so. For changes to availability on a game day, the player (or parent if a younger player) should text the coach and advise if the player can no longer participate in a game. For practices, the parent should annotate the change in availability in Byga and contact the coach or team manager in line with whatever expectations that coach/team has in place additionally.


Conflict Management

Should conflict arise between Reno APEX SC coaches, players, or parents it is required that such confrontations be addressed in the appropriate manner (with respect), and at the appropriate time (privately).  While the coaches are committed to open communication with parents, there is a certain process that should be observed. In particular, the time before and during a game is dedicated to the players. It is not appropriate for a parent to approach a coach to discuss game or individual player concerns at this time. The coach will be happy to set up a meeting/phone call to address parent concerns at a time that will not interfere with the attention required by the players. An exception to this request is an incident when a player is injured. The coaches will be available immediately after a game to discuss the situation and any concerns with parents.


It is understood by accepting a roster spot for their child on an Reno APEX SC team that the parents are committing to pay club and teams fees for their player(s) in a timely fashion. If parents fall behind in payment, their player(s) may not be allowed to train with the team, and/or may be ineligible for any games while fees remain outstanding. Injury or quitting the team does not release the player from meeting the club dues obligations set forth by the team.