Goalkeeper Training

The Players Soccer Club has a history of developing some of the best Goalkeepers in the region. The Club recognizes the importance of the position and ensures that the goalkeepers are giving the very best training to succeed in the game. The Players SC Goalkeeper program is designed and conducted by Ziggy Zigante, one of the most highly regarded GK coaches in the world. Coach Zigante has developed and trained many keepers that compete in professional leagues. The GK coaching staff also includes Gretchen Zigante, a former US National Team Keeper, and Abraham Barajas, a long time Players SC Goalkeeper trainer. In addition to regularly scheduled Goalkeeper training with the most experienced GK Coaches, each Goalkeeper works with the team to ensure that the player learn and fine-tune all the techniques and skills required to become a great goalkeeper. The main techniques and skills of goalkeeping; specific warm up, footwork, handling, distribution, diving, shot-stopping, one v one, dealing with crosses, and making the game winning saves are included and in the regularly scheduled GK training curriculum.

The Players Soccer Club teams are encouraged to ensure goalkeepers are a part of the game and emphasize playing with no fear of utilizing them as part of the game starting at the youngest ages. The program emphasizes that the foot skills for the Goalkeeper are as important as the hand skills.