Club Methodology

Mission, Vision and Pillars

Mission : We are committed to providing a positive, safe, fun and challenging environment for young people of all levels and backgrounds to play the game of soccer.

Vision : Provide a structured, developmentally appropriate and player-centered platform that will offer the opportunity for our young people to achieve their goals both on and off the field with the ultimate goal of
succeeding in life.

Reno Apex Soccer Club’s Three Pillars

1. Develop the Person: We will see the person first BEFORE the player and use the sport of soccer to teach life skills. We will focus on developing the individual within the context of the team.
2. Develop the Club: Our members (coaches, players and parents) will work hand-in-hand to drive our vision on a daily basis so that OUR club can be something the local community can be proud of.
3. Develop the Future: Our pathway will look to leave a more complete person and provide our young people with the skills that can be used throughout their lives, therefore, positively impacting our
community as a whole.

Three Zones of Development

These zones encompass the entire Club and include:

  • Our DNA
  • Club pathway
  • Phases  of development
  • Zone objectives
  • Development focus
  • Session structure
  • Curriculum (technical and principles of play)
  • Coaching methodology
  • Proposed IDPs starting 2024-2025
  • Player development resources
  • Team formation
  • Proposed events
  • Weekly cycle
  • Macrocycle
  • APEX Sunday Academy Program

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