Air Quality Policy

At an Air Quality Index of 125 or higher, all club practices shall be cancelled.  Reno APEX SC will utilize Weather Underground’s ( sensor reading that is closest to the field location.  At an AQI reading below 125, cancellation of practice is at the coach’s discretion.  Whenever air quality is less than “good”, we encourage our families to make decisions on whether to attend practice based on what is right for the health and safety of their individual children.

We will, when possible, communicate cancellation of practices due to Air Quality in advance.  However, due to changes in weather; wind patterns and fluctuations in AQI sensor readings it is always possible that the AQI may increase just prior to the start of practice and require cancellation, or the Air Quality may improve after the practice has already been cancelled.

League and tournament AQI policies may differ and utilize different AQI sensor readings.  Attendance at games with less than “good” air quality is at the discretion of the coaches and parents with the understanding that competition rules may vary and will govern results and standings.